How to Get Involved on Campus

There are many reasons to get involved on campus: it helps to strengthen your résumé, it gives you a chance to meet people you would not otherwise, and it can help build personal confidence. Below I have some general tips to help you start getting involved. Remember, every campus is going to be different; it is your responsibility to research the details on your individual campus.

1. Find out where the resources are held:

Some schools will have an online database where you can look up the contact and other information for clubs/organizations. Other schools have an office dedicated to student involvement where staff can assist you. Additionally, most schools will put on larger events at the beginning of each semester/year. Keep an eye out for information on these events.

2. Look around:

Most often, organizations will flyer, chalk, post-online etc. to get their name out to fellow students. Look at bulletin boards in high traffic areas: dining halls, residence halls, and academic buildings. These public spaces are free for students to use, so there could be a fast turn-around, but you are guaranteed to find something new. Online networking sites are also a fast and easy way for people to connect. Keep your eyes open.

3. Talk to other people:

Get the word out that you are looking to be more active on campus. You could discover an organization that you were unaware of by simply connecting with students.

4. Remember that this is a fluid process:

Maybe you will move onto another organization or group each year of school or maybe you will be active in the same group and move into a leadership role. The process will be different for everyone; the general take away is to try something new and see what works for you.

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