Just The Facts

CDI Fact Book

CDI’s 2019 Fact Book highlights the work we do in our effort to close the education, achievement, and opportunity gap for low-income, first-generation-to-college students.

Illustrating the efficacy of CDI’s high-touch, results-driven approach that includes mentoring, tutoring, counseling, and family support over the course of more than six years, the Fact Book underscores why our work matters to our Scholars and the families we have served since 2005.

Additionally, you will find information about CDI’s School Support Program that extends our work to high school college advising offices through tailored consulting focused on helping school counselors and staff improve college advising and supporting students to find their best-fit college.

With the help of donations, sponsorships, and underwriting, CDI can expand the reach of our successful, proven program and help even more low-income, first-to-college students fulfill their educational aspirations and achieve what is possible.

CDI Today

Today, CDI serves an average of 210 Scholars each year, assisting them with everything from planning their high school curriculum to mapping a post-graduate career path. Spanning the six years from 10th grade to the end of college, this thorough guidance strengthens their skills and empowers each Scholar to create a blueprint for success.

The program continues to evolve and develop, expanding to provide a wider range of professional development services to school counselors. The drive and passion of every CDI team member and the selfless generosity of our supporters will continue to open doors for students, and will create opportunities for future generations to come.

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